Since the creation of the undergraduate course in Psychology at UFAL, in 1994, the idea of ​​a postgraduate program has been fostered, considering the institutional vocation and the need for further research in the area with its repercussions for the improvement of teaching graduation. In this sense, the Specialization Course in "Psychology and Psychosocial Action" was implemented in 2005 (Lato Sensu post-graduation), in which students who had graduated from the undergraduate course and part of the current body of teachers participated. This experience showed the demand for continuing professional training and the potential of the institution, especially the research in development and the training of the faculty, for the creation of a Stricto Sensu graduate program. At the same time, Research Groups were created involving professors and students, aiming at systematic production and encouraging partnerships in the publication of works. The expansion of the teaching staff, through public tenders in recent years, was planned in order to form a group of qualified teachers with relevant academic degrees and production to make the proposal for a Stricto Sensu graduate program viable. Thus, a faculty was formed capable of supporting the current proposal, supported by research in development and in the production of existing groups. The present graduate program is the result of the group of professors around this objective.

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